Rosalind Ormiston:Art Historian, Arts & Travel Writer, Author

I'm an art historian, author of commissioned books on art, artists, and art movements. 


I'm a travel writer on the cultural highlights of worldwide locations. Gibraltar and Venice currently confirmed for art, and travel features. Plus visits to Nuremberg and Amsterdam. Love writing on UK destinations too. I'm visiting Stratford upon Avon again (absolutely love it). More planned.


For travel or art commissions, or to discuss future projects, please email me:


Recent work: completed text and image research for a commissioned book on the German genius Albrecht Durer (1471-1528) in the 'Life and Works' art series, by Lorenz Books. 




'Canaletto's Venice Revisited' in Italia! 



HANS HOLBEIN: HIS LIFE AND WORK IN 500 IMAGES, Lorenz Books-Anness Publishing. The book explores the life and work of the German portraitist Hans Holbein the Younger (1497/98-1543), who spent much of his life in London, as a Court Painter to king Henry VIII. 




July 2022 (New edition), Flame Tree Publishing, UK



.... I'm a contributor to the book  500 Walks with Writers, Artists and Musicians featuring worldwide locations in the lives of artists, composers and writers. It's published by Frances Lincoln in the UK (2021) The American version via Thunder Bay Press, 2020 is titled The Artist's Path in 500 Walks  (see carousel for American and UK covers). My New York entries in both books include a walk through historic streets of Harlem with writers Langston Hughes, and Toni Morrison; visiting sites of Keith Haring's public murals; finding Edward Hopper in Washington Square, and Yayoi Kusama walking the industrial areas of Manhattan; then at Great Salt Lake, Utah, to view Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty; crossing the Atlantic to take a bracing walk with the Bronte sisters in Haworth, Yorkshire; and follow Hunter Davies along Hadrian's Wall; Thomas Hardy in Dorchester; or Edward Elgar on the Italian coast. I wrote around fifty entries. It's a brilliant 'armchair travel' book.  



COMMISSIONED BOOKS include the Dutch painters Hieronymus Bosch, Johannes Vermeer, Vincent van Gogh and Rembrandt van Rijn; the Italian Renaissance Masters: Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelopainters of modern life:  JMW Turner, Paul Gauguin, Egon Schiele, Edward Hopper, and Pablo Picasso. plus art movementsArt Deco and Art Nouveau.


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Van Gogh: Life, Letters, Masterworks. 

(Introducing Great Artists series)

Flame Tree Illustrated. New edition

To be published July 2022