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MAY 2018


Dulwich Picture Gallery's exhibition of work by Edward Bawden on from 23 May. See panel right > It's a beautiful exhibition curated by James Russell. (Exh. catalogue is excellent)


Viewed Disappear Here, at RIBA. If you have knowledge of perspectve drawing, this exhibition,  a new RIBA commission curated by Sam Jacob Studio, is worth visiting to learn its history, and use, from 15th to 21st century.


Updated edition of a book I wrote for Prestel in 2014,  50 Art Movements You Should Know: From Impressionism to Performing Arts (The 50 Series) will be published in September 2018 


I'm re-reading Ruskin, in David Zwirner's new publication, a pocket-size edition of Giotto and his works in Padua (1850s).



Remarkable wildlife artist, Ashley Boon, is on my radar for feature in Artists & Illustrators'  magazine. He lives in the exquisitely beautiful county of Cumberland (Cumbria).