The New European weekly newspaper, Issue 371, 11-17 January 2024.

4-page feature relates to the life of Hans Holbein the Younger at the court of Henry VIII, linking to 'Holbein at the Tudor Court' exhibition at Queen's Gallery, London. 


Read it here:


On carousel: Hans Holbein the Younger Derich Born, 1533 (detail)

Credit: Royal Collection Trust / © His Majesty King Charles III 2023





Two features published 13.12.23


* Feature in The New European : 'The secret history of a bloody nose: the horrific origins of Le Nez by Giacometti'. Read it here.

 The secret history of a bloody nose: the horrific origins of Le Nez by Giacometti - The New European 


On carousel : Installation view 'Alberto Giacometti-Le Nez' at Institut Giacometti, Paris Image copyright Fondation Giacometti © Succession Alberto Giacometti / Adagp, Paris 2023


* Feature in The Arbuturian:  'Elisabeth Frink: A View from Within' special exhibition at Dorset Museum and Art Gallery, in The Arbuturian 

Read it here: Elisabeth Frink: A View From Within | The Arbuturian

On carouselElisabeth Frink working on the Dorset Martyr group, 1985 (Photo © Anthony Marshall/Courtesy of Dorset History Centre)


* 'Impressionists on Paper: Degas to Toulouse-Lautrec' published 29.11.23 online in The Arbuturian. Here is a link to read it.

Impressionists on Paper: Degas to Toulouse-Lautrec at the RA | The Arbuturian


On carouselFederico Zandomeneghi, Study of a Woman from Behind, 1890-97. Pastel on cardboard, 48 x 38 cm. Galleria D'Arte Moderna, Milan. Photo: © Comune di Milano – All Rights Reserved



* Feature' The Renegade: Marcel Duchamp'  has been published in Artists & Illustrators - November issue  2023  This relates to 'Marcel Duchamp & the Lure of the Copy' (until 18 March 2024), the latest exhibition at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice.

Guggenheim and Duchamp were very good friends, Duchamp advising Guggenheim on what art, and which artists, to invest in for her collection of modern art.

Artists & Illustrators magazine latest issue: November 2023 - (


On carousel: 

Marcel Duchamp L.H.O.O.Q., September 1964 (detail) © Marcel Duchamp, by SIAE 2023


Marcel Duchamp, Le Roi et la reine entourés de nus vites (The King and Queen Surrounded by Swift Nudes), May 1912, (detail) oil on canvas © Association Marcel Duchamp, by SIAE 2023


I visited Paris in October 2023 primarily to see the remarkable exhibition 'Alberto Giacometti - Le Nez' at the Institut Giacometti (until 14 January 2024). It is fabulous. Read about it in The New European The secret history of a bloody nose: the horrific origins of Le Nez by Giacometti - The New European


Afterwards, nearby, I visited The Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain which had a show of Ron Mueck's work. It is closed now but I wrote about it and published it on Substack. Read it here, from this link - free to read

 A day in Paris... RON MUECK - by Rosalind Ormiston (


I have a 30-second film too. Best to watch it on my Substack page. 

On carousel

'En Garde (Three Dogs), 2023, mixed media, Ron Mueck (at Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain, Paris.



October review published online 23.10.23 in The Arbuturian

'Sarah Lucas: Happy Gas' (Tate Britain, London). Here is the link:

Sarah Lucas: Happy Gas | The Arbuturian 


On carousel: 

Sarah Lucas HAPPY GAS Installation View at Tate Britain 2023 . Fat Doris , 2023 and Tit Tom 2 , 2023. Credit: © Sarah Lucas. Photo © Tate (Lucy Green)



'Marina Abramović at the Royal Academy' published online in The Arbuturian  05.11.23  It should be exhibition of the year. (Closed 01.01.24)

Here is the link: 

Marina Abramović at The Royal Academy | The Arbuturian



Italia! magazine - August/September 2023 issue

I visted Venice to write a feature on the Italian painter born in Venice, Edmondo Bacci (1913-78). He was a friend of the American heiress and art collector Peggy Guggenheim who recognised his extraordinary talent. The exhibition 'Edmondo Bacci: Energy and Light' was on show at the Guggenheim, Venice until 18 September. Truly fabulous (and Venice too!)


On carousel:  b/w photograph -Peggy Guggenheim with Edmondo Bacci  - Image copyright The Peggy Guggenheim Museum, Venice, Italy


Artists & Illustrators - June issue

'Picasso: His Legacy 50 Years On', pp.42-48.

It is 50 years since Pablo Picasso died in France. Musée Picasso in Paris has an exhibition Picasso Celebration: the collection in a new light! curated under the direction of Sir Paul Smith, the British designer. Until 27 August 2023


On carousel:: installation view of 'Picasso Celebration: the collection in a new light'

Image copyright  Celebration Picasso - Voyez-Vous (Vinciane Lebrun) -3332


Published online in The Arbuturian 29 May 2023 On the Trail of Vincent


Art & Travel feature about visiting locations in Brabant : Zundert, Etten-Leur, Nuenen, Den Bosch associated with Vincent van Gogh (1853-90) where he lived for half his life. Such a fabulous province: Read on to find out more.


On the Trail of Vincent

On carousel: Zundert - church where Van Gogh's pastor father preached. In foreground a contemporary sculpture celebrating the lives of brothers Vincent and Theo van Gogh, both born in Zundert, Brabant, the Netherlands.


On carousel: Van Gogh wall panel at Etten-Leur, Brabant  where Vincent van Gogh's family lived.


'The mysteries of a study in satire'  published in The New European - online Wednesday 17 May - in print on 18 May 2023.

Read it here: The mysteries of a study in satire - The New European


Article relates to ' The Ugly Duchess' exhibition at the National Gallery, London.


On carousel:'The Old Woman' (The Ugly Duchess), painted about 1513, Quinten Massys. Image copyright Ntional Gallery, London


A Link here to The New European Archive - Rosalind Ormiston



Van Gogh in Auvers: His Final Months.   Published online - 10 May 2023 - in The Arbuturian. The feature relates to a major exhibition just opening at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, part of its 50-years celebrations -  'Van Gogh in Auvers: His Final Months', focuses on the last two months of the painter's life in Auvers sur Oise, north of Paris, where he created 74 paintings in 70 days, and many considered to be his masterpieces.


On carousel : Church at Auvers, 1890,( detail) Vincent van Gogh (1853-90) image copyright Musee d'Orsay, Paris.

On carousel: photograph of the Church at Auvers sur Oise, taken on 30 March 2023, Vincent van Gogh's birthday (170th), photo copyright Rosalind Ormiston


Online review 'Halima Cassell: From the Earth', Watts Gallery, Compton, near Guildford, Surrey, in The Arbuturian, 10 April 2023

Halima Cassell 'From the Earth' at Watts Gallery | The Arbuturian


On carousel: Installation view of Halima cassell From the Earth' at the Watts Gallery. photo Rosalind Ormiston


In print and online - in The New European newspaper

'Jacobus Vrel: Searching for the father of Vermeer', published 13 April 2023

Jacobus Vrel: Searching for the father of Vermeer - The New European


On carousel:: 

Jacobus Vrel, A Seated Woman Looking at a Child through a Window, after 1656

Image copyright Fondation Custodia, Frits Lugt Collection




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